Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NumPyPy non-progress report

Hello everyone.

Not much has happened in the past few months with numpypy development. A part of the reason was doing other stuff for me, a part of the reason was various unexpected visa-related admin, a part of the reason was EuroPython and a part was long-awaited holiday.

The thing that's maybe worth mentioning is that it does not mean the donations disappeared in the mist. PyPy developers are being paid to work on NumPyPy on an hourly basis - that means if I decide to take holidays or work on something else, the money is simply staying in the account until later.

Thanks again for all the donations, I hope to get back to this topic soon!



Stephen Weber said...

Thanks for the non-update, I trust you that all is well. Rest helps us work better!

ArneBab said...

Please don’t worry too much about the money lost/not-lost. The important part is that you enjoy the programming. For you, because that’s more fun and for us because more fun for the programmer means better code.