Thursday, July 26, 2012

CFFI release 0.2.1

Hi everybody,

We released CFFI 0.2.1 (expected to be 1.0 soon). CFFI is a way to call C from Python.

EDIT: Win32 was broken in 0.2. Fixed.

This release is only for CPython 2.6 or 2.7. PyPy support is coming in
the ffi-backend branch, but not finished yet. CPython 3.x would be
easy but requires the help of someone.

The package is available on bitbucket as well as documented. You
can also install it straight from the python package index: pip install cffi

  • Contains numerous small changes and support for more C-isms.
  • The biggest news is the support for installing packages that use
    ffi.verify() on machines without a C compiler. Arguably, this
    lifts the last serious restriction for people to use CFFI.
  • Partial list of smaller changes:
    • mappings between 'wchar_t' and Python unicodes
    • the introduction of ffi.NULL
    • a possibly clearer API for e.g. to allocate a single int and obtain a pointer to it, use"int *") instead of the old"int")
    • and of course a plethora of smaller bug fixes
  • CFFI uses pkg-config to install itself if available. This helps
    locate libffi on modern Linuxes. Mac OS/X support is available too
    (see the detailed installation instructions). Win32 should work out
    of the box. Win64 has not been really tested yet.

Armin Rigo and Maciej Fijałkowski

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