Friday, February 13, 2009

Wroclaw 2009 sprint progress report


We have just finished probably the smallest sprint ever in PyPy history. For most of the time it was just me and Armin pairing together.

We also had a chance to work a bit with people from the University, but there were definitely not enough core developers to organize the work in a reasonable manner. At some point we ended up having two pairs containing four people each.

Jakub and Bartosz (who were our gentle hosts) worked on getting PyPy's sandbox integrated with django. It's still just an example what you can do (ie you can do much more), but it's already interesting to look at. The code can be found in user dir. This server (not yet online anywhere, sorry) is able to run untrusted python code provided by user inside a fully configurable sandbox.

We also implemented missing peepholer optimizations from CPython, finding out that some peepholer tests were failing, just because PyPy is optimizing better :-)

The main part of the sprint was work on JIT (most notable the fifth generation of the JIT), which was moved from the obscure directory in Carl's user in svn (which contains branches these days!) into a PyPy branch. It's still very much work in progress and a lot of pen and paper or handwaving was involved, but we were able to implement a lot of basics in record time.

Right now we need a lot of rest after the exhaustive sprint, but after that, stay tuned for more information about progressing JIT!