Saturday, September 10, 2016

RevDB released, v5.4.1

Hi all,

The first beta version of RevDB is out! Remember that RevDB is a reverse debugger for Python. The idea is that it is a debugger that can run forward and backward in time, letting you more easily understand your subtle bug in your big Python program.

RevDB should work on almost any Python program. Even if you are normally only using CPython, trying to reproduce the bug with RevDB is similar to trying to run the program on a regular PyPy---usually it just works, even if not quite always.

News from the alpha version in the previous blog post include notably support for:

  • Threads.
  • CPyExt, the compatibility layer of PyPy that can run CPython C extension modules.
as well as many other improvements.

You need to build it yourself for now. It is tested on 64-bit Linux. 32-bit Linux, OS/X, and other POSIX platforms should all either work out of the box or be just a few fixes away (contributions welcome). Win32 support is a lot more involved but not impossible.

See for more information!


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