Monday, September 1, 2014

Python Software Foundation Matching Donations this Month

We're extremely excited to announce that for the month of September, any amount
you donate to PyPy will be match (up to $10,000) by the Python Software

This includes any of our ongoing fundraisers: NumPyPy, STM, Python3, or our
general fundraising.

Here are some of the things your previous donations have helped accomplish:

  • Getting PyPy3 completed (currently 3.2, with 3.3 work underway)
  • New research and production engineering on STM for PyPy
  • Lots of progress on NumPy for PyPy
  • Significant performance improvements

You can see a preview of what's coming in our next 2.4 release in the draft
release notes

Thank you to all the individuals and companies which have donated so far.

So please, donate today:

(Please be aware that the donation progress bars are not live updating, so
don't be afraid if your donation doesn't show up immediately).


ArneBab said...

aaand donated ☺

Thank you, Python Software Foundation!

Anonymous said...

I think you should be careful about your claims for numpy. It's a great idea and I am sure lots of people would be very interested in anything you do but I for one see very little progress on it.

handsomegui said...

It would be nice to have a bitcoin donation address for donation.

Unknown said...


Canesin said...

+1 on the bitcoin address for donation

L. Simon said...

Consider me another request for a Bitcoin address. I'm in for a few millibits if you provide one.

Armin Rigo said...

Sorry for the bitcoin requests... setting up a new payment system just for a few millibits is not worth it at all.