Friday, July 19, 2013

PyPy London Sprint (August 26 - September 1 2013)

The next PyPy sprint will be in London, United Kingdom for the first time. This is a fully public sprint. PyPy sprints are a very good way to get into PyPy development and no prior PyPy knowledge is necessary.

Goals and topics of the sprint

For newcomers:

  • bring your application/library and we'll help you port it to PyPy, benchmark and profile
  • come and write your favorite missing numpy function
  • help us work on developer tools like jitviewer

We'll also work on:

  • refactoring the JIT optimizations
  • STM and STM-related topics
  • anything else attendees are interested in

Exact times

The work days should be August 26 - September 1 2013 (Monday-Sunday). The official plans are for people to arrive on the 26th, and to leave on the 2nd. There will be a break day in the middle. We'll typically start at 10:00 in the morning.


The sprint will happen within a room of King's College's Strand Campus in Central London, UK. There are some travel instructions how to get there. We are being hosted by Laurence Tratt and the Software Development Team.

Demo Session

If you don't want to come to the full sprint, but still want to chat a bit, we are planning to have a demo session on Tuesday August 27. We will announce this separately on the blog. If you are interested, please leave a comment.


If you want to attend, please register by adding yourself to the "people.txt" file in Mercurial:

or on the pypy-dev mailing list if you do not yet have check-in rights:

Remember that you may need a (insert country here)-to-UK power adapter. Please note that UK is not within the Schengen zone, so non-EU and non-Switzerland citizens may require specific visa. Please check travel regulations. Also, the UK uses pound sterling (GBP).


Unknown said...
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griff said...

I'd be up for joining Andrew :)

Unknown said...

Cannot quite get a week off for this, but would be very interested in the demo session on the Tuesday.

Daniel said...

I would be very interested in the demo session on the Tuesday 27th.

Carin Robert said...

Does the demo session happen on August 27th only? What are the timings?

Armin Rigo said...