Thursday, March 25, 2010

Introducing nightly builds and ubuntu PPA


We're pleased to announce two things that we were constantly asked for: Nightly builds and Ubuntu PPA for 1.2 release made by Bartosz Skowron. There are no nightly build ubuntu packages (yet).

Nightly builds are what they are - pure pypy executables with JIT compiled in (for linux only now). They require either a pypy checkout or a release download. The main difference is that by default display more debugging information than release builds and that they contain recent bugfixes and improvements of course :-)



ben.b.boyer said...


nekto0n said...

Niiice =) Using PyPy becomes easier.
Could please disable jit on amd64 or perhaps build 32-bit deb for amd64 machines?

Maciej Fijalkowski said...

@nek0ton building 32bit JIT for 64bit is hard since you need 32bit libraries. We just don't build nightly 64bit (nor release contained it).

nekto0n said...

@fijal Why so? 32bit libraries are available on ubuntu (with ia32 suffix), kernel is build with 32bit support option. Don't see any problem here.
I understand why not to build 64bit release - JIT is the goal.
P.S. Maybe unavailable amd64 build would force someone to digg and fix that issue? =) Are there any guides available to do it?

Maciej Fijalkowski said...

the reason is precisely what you described - you need custom libraries linked with special suffix or place which is probably distribution dependent.

Unknown said...

What would it take to make a 64 bit native everything (amd64)?

Btw. I noticed the supported modules list seems to be incomplete at
At least os, subprocess seem to be there even if not listed, probably more?

Maciej Fijalkowski said...


The general answer is that both subprocess and os are written in Python (and not C), so we don't list them. However I wonder how we can list things not to confuse people who don't know that. Any ideas (listing all possible modules is a bit too much).

Unknown said...

If the supported modules is over 50% of all, how about just listing modules that still require work? I suspect many people are unaware that PyPy is getting feature complete, usable for real work.

Unknown said...

Any reason the PPA doesn't have a newer 1.5 build for natty?