Friday, December 19, 2008

Pycon 2009


Both of our PyPy talks has been accepted for Pycon US 2009. Although both are somehow related to PyPy, they're vastly different in topics, attitude and target audience.

The first one is a classic PyPy status talk - we'll mostly talk about our achievements from the last year (readers of this blog are aware of most, but not all :) as well as some general introduction and plans for the future.

The second one is about PyPy's sandboxing features. This is in my opinion a very underestimated feature, also by us, because it's not really well advertised or documented. The main purpose of the talk is to present to the general public how this works and how to use it. Hopefully we will get to work and publish about this a bit more ahead of Pycon already. Unlike Zope's Restricted Python, it provides you with the full python language, inside a fully virtualized sandbox, controlled from an external process by a custom security policy. Stay tuned for more :-)

See you at Pycon 2009!

fijal and holger


Alex said...

Can't wait to hear it, Fijal gave a fantastic talk last year and I'm excited for this year's as well. Really hoping it doesn't conflict with my panel :)

Anonymous said...


would you have somrthing to say about that ?:


Maciej Fijalkowski said...

Well, I'm not really up to discuss with some rants.