Friday, June 20, 2008

Running Nevow on top of PyPy

Another episode of the "Running Real Application of top of PyPy" series:

Today's topic: Divmod's Nevow. Nevow (pronounced as the French "nouveau", or "noo-voh") is a web application construction kit written in Python. Which means it's just another web framework, but this time built on top of Twisted. While, due to some small problems we're not yet able to pass full Twisted test suite on top of pypy-c, Nevow seems to be simple enough to work perfectly (959 out of 960 unit tests passing, with the last one recognized as pointless and about to be deleted). Also, thanks to exarkun, Nevow now no longer relies on ugly details like refcounting.

As usual, translate pypy using: --gc=hybrid --thread targetpypystandalone --faassen --allworkingmodules --oldstyle

Of course, obligatory to the series, screenshot:
This is Nevow's own test suite.