Sunday, May 4, 2008

Next Sprint: Berlin, May 17-22nd May

Our next PyPy sprint will take place in the crashed c-base space station, Berlin, Germany, Earth, Solar System. This is a fully public sprint: newcomers (from all planets) are welcome. Suggestion of topics (other topics are welcome too):

  • work on PyPy's JIT generator: we are refactoring parts of the compiling logic, in ways that may also allow generating better machine code for loops (people or aliens with knowledge on compilers and SSA, welcome)
  • work on the SPy VM, PyPy's Squeak implementation, particularly the graphics capabilities
  • work on PyPy's GameBoy emulator, which also needs graphics support
  • trying some large pure-Python applications or libraries on PyPy and fixing the resulting bugs. Possibilities are Zope 3, Django and others.

For more information, see the full announcement.

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