Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Other April's Fools Ideas

While discussing what to post as an April Fool's joke yesterday, we had a couple of other ideas, listed below. Most of them were rejected because they are too incredible, others because they are too close to our wish list.

  • quantum computer backend
  • Perl6 interpreter in RPython
  • Ruby backend to allow run "python on rails"
  • mandatory static typing at app-level, because it's the only way to increase performances
  • rewrite PyPy in Haskell, because we discovered that dynamic typing is just not suitable for a project of this size
  • a C front-end, so that we can interpret the C source of Python C extensions and JIT it. This would work by writing an interpreter for LLVM bytecode in RPython.
  • an elisp backend
  • a TeX backend (use PyPy for your advanced typesetting needs)
  • an SQL JIT backend, pushing remote procedures into the DB engine


Leonardo Santagada said...

PoR - Python on Rails would be the funniest one...

mernen said...

Oh, the C interpreter would be so awesome. The quantum computer backend, in the hands of a good writer, could become an excellent joke too, no matter how obviously fake. I'd love to see the ones about static typing too.

Damon said...

TeX backend ...
You would be amazed a just how useful that stunt would be (grinBigly)
of course that's sort of what PS is all about, eh.
Did something similar (smaller scale) several decades ago. Great fun and extremely useful.

Thanks for the grins.

Anonymous said...
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mernen said...

Whoah, anonymous, for a second or two this spam site almost looked convincing.