Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PyPy presence on various conferences in the near future

Hello! I will have the pleasure of presenting PyPy on various conferences in the near future. They're (in chronological order):
  • Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny in Krakow, POLAND 6-8 March 2008. I think this might be only interesting for polish people (website, in polish)
  • Pycon Chicago, IL, USA. 14-17 March 2008. There should be also a PyPy sprint afterwards, including newbie-friendly tutorial, everybody is welcome to join us! (Provided that I'll get the US visa, which seems to be non-trivial issue for a polish citizen)
  • RuPy, Poznan, POLAND 13-14 April 2008 (website). This is small, but very friendly Ruby and Python conference. Last year was amazing, I can strongly recommend to go there (Poznan is only 2h by train from Berlin also has its own airport).
Hope to see you at those places!



Michael Foord said...

Hey - I'll be at both the Polish conferences talking about IronPython. I hope you will be talking in English!

Look forward to meeting up with you.

Michael Foord

Maciej Fijalkowski said...

Cheers Michael. Looking forward to see you!

At rupy definitely. At sfi it depends on them (I'll try to, also that I have noone to help me with slides in polish :)

Konrad said...

Hey Fijal.

I think the Academic IT Festival in Cracow would be interesting not only for polish people. Large part of the talks will be given in English.

Here's the link to the english version of the festival website: http://www.sfi.org.pl/news

Konrad Delong, SFI :)