Monday, December 17, 2018

PyPy Winter Sprint Feb 4-9 in Düsseldorf

 PyPy Sprint February 4th-9th 2019 in Düsseldorf

The next PyPy sprint will be held in the Computer Science department of Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf from the 4th to the 9st of February 2019 (nine years after the last sprint there). This is a fully public sprint, everyone is welcome to join us.

Topics and goals

  • improve Python 3.6 support
  • discuss benchmarking situation
  • progress on utf-8 branches
  • cpyext performance and completeness
  • packaging: are we ready to upload to PyPI?
    • issue 2617  - we expose too many functions from
    • manylinux2010 - will it solve our build issues?
    • formulate an ABI name and upgrade policy
  • memoryview(ctypes.Structure) does not create the correct format string
  • discussing the state and future of PyPy and the wider Python ecosystem


The sprint will take place in seminar room of the computer science department.  It is in the building 25.12 of the university campus, second floor. Travel instructions

Exact times

Work days: starting February 4th (10:00), ending February 9th (~afternoon). The break day will probably be Thursday.


Please register by Mercurial::

or on the pypy-dev mailing list if you do not yet have check-in rights:

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!