Friday, January 17, 2020

Leysin Winter sprint 2020: Feb 29 - March 8th

The next PyPy sprint will be in Leysin, Switzerland, for the fourteenth time. This is a fully public sprint: newcomers and topics other than those proposed below are welcome.

Goals and topics of the sprint

The list of topics is open.  For reference, we would like to work at least partially on the following topics:
As usual, the main side goal is to have fun in winter sports :-) We can take a day off (for ski or anything else).

Times and accomodation

The sprint will occur for one week starting on Saturday, the 29th of February, to Sunday, the 8th of March 2020 (dates were pushed back one day!)  It will occur in Les Airelles, a different bed-and-breakfast place from the traditional one in Leysin.  It is a nice old house at the top of the village.

We have a 4- or 5-people room as well as up to three double-rooms.  Please register early!  These rooms are not booked for the sprint in advance, and might be already taken if you end up announcing yourself late.  We have a big room for up to 7 people with nice view, which might be split in two or three sub-rooms; plus possibly separately-booked double rooms if needed. (But it is of course always possible to book at a different place in Leysin.)

For more information, see our repository or write to me directly at

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